Multi-point evaluation in higher dimensions


In this paper, we propose efficient new algorithms for multi-dimensional multi-point evaluation and interpolation on certain subsets of so called tensor product grids. These point-sets naturally occur in the design of efficient multiplication algorithms for finite-dimensional -algebras of the form , where is generated by monomials of the form ; one particularly important example is the algebra of truncated power series . Similarly to what is known for multi-point evaluation and interpolation in the univariate case, our algorithms have quasi-linear time complexity. As a known consequence, we obtain fast multiplication algorithms for algebras of the above form.

Authors: Joris van der Hoeven, Éric Schost

Keywords: multi-point evaluation, multi-point interpolation, algorithm, complexity, power series multiplication

A.M.S. subject classification: 12Y05, 68W30, 68W40, 13P10, 65F99

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