Faster relaxed multiplication


In previous work, we have introduced several fast algorithms for relaxed power series multiplication (also known under the name on-line multiplication) up till a given order . The fastest currently known algorithm works over an effective base field with sufficiently many -th roots of unity and has algebraic time complexity . In this note, we will generalize this algorithm to the cases when is replaced by an effective ring of positive characteristic or by an effective ring of characteristic zero, which is also torsion-free as a -module and comes with an additional algorithm for partial division by integers. We will also present an asymptotically faster algorithm for relaxed multiplication of -adic numbers.

Keywords: power series, multiplication, on-line algorithm, FFT, computer algebra

A.M.S. subject classification: 68W30, 30B10, 68W25, 33F05, 11Y55, 42-04

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