Bugs in TeXmacs

We maintain the list with known bugs at the TeXmacs bug tracker on Savannah. If you found bug, then please first check whether it is already part of this list. If not, then please send us a bug report.

Classification of bugs

The TeXmacs bug tracker allows you to classify bugs according to several criteria and to browse or filter the bugs according to these criteria. The classification is based on:


Some rough category for the kind of bug (user interface, typesetter, etc.).

Bug group

Should be set to Error for bugs.

Assigned to

Either a specific developer or Any to which the bug is assigned.


Open for bugs which have not yet been reproduced by us, Accepted for bugs which have been reproduced and Closed for bugs which have been fixed.

Reporting new bugs

New bugs can be reported by following the link Submit a Bug at the TeXmacs bug tracker. If you have an account on Savannah (which we recommend), then don't forget to log in, so that you will be notified by email about any news concerning the bug. Please carefully classify the bug according to the above criteria and carefully fill out the fields Summary and Original Submission.