Development of TeXmacs

There are plenty of ways to do some useful programming for TeXmacs, even if you initially have only a limited understanding of all the TeXmacs internals. First of all, you may consider writing independent plug-ins for TeXmacs. These may either be interfaces with existing extern software, or enhancements to TeXmacs, like style files or new functionality written in the Guile/Scheme extension language.

More experienced programmers may help developing the TeXmacs core system (which is written in C++ and Scheme). Our plans for the future may give you a rough indication on where we want to go. Of course your own ideas are welcome! TeXmacs is developed using SVN, but we welcome contributions in the form of patches. We also maintain a fairly up-to-date Git mirror.

People who are interested to contribute to TeXmacs on a regular basis are invited to join the TeXmacs team. You are also invited to suscribe to the texmacs-dev mailing list for TeXmacs developers.