Contributing to TeXmacs

Use and promote

One of the simplest way to help us is simply by using TeXmacs and by convincing your collegues to use our software as well. Please mention the fact that you wrote your articles using TeXmacs when publishing them.


Providing good documentation is a very time consuming job for which we can use help. This applies to the user manual, translations, contributed tutorials, maintenance of our list of frequently asked questions, or the contributi videos about TeXmacs. When contributing to the integrated documentation, please follow our guidelines.


We need native speakers for translating the user interface and the documentation.


If you can afford it, then another way to help us is by donating money or services.


Last but not least, you may wish to contribute to our coding effort. TeXmacs is developed using SVN, but we welcome contributions in the form of patches. Some members of our team prefer to use the Git mirror, which is fairly up to date. We also encourage the development of plug-ins for TeXmacs, which can be maintained independently. Most existing plug-ins implement interfaces for external software, but other types of plug-ins are possible.

Mailing list for developers

For questions about the development of TeXmacs, you may suscribe to our mailing list.