Task: diffusion of TeXmacs in the French education system


Since TeXmacs is developed in France, it is natural to promote TeXmacs in the French education system. The main aim of this task is to organize the diffusion of TeXmacs in such a way that maximal impact is achieved with our limited resources. In particular:

  1. We need a list of channels for diffusion on which we should concentrate our efforts. For instance, we might want to have regular presentations at the « journées de l'APMEP », or some articles in popular journals read by professors or high school students. We also might try to contact persons who could favour the diffusion by their position in the Éducation Nationale.

  2. We need a list of the kind of support material that will be required, such as introductory articles or documentation on TeXmacs written in French and well suited for teachers or students, videos in French, a French mailing list, sample TeXmacs documents which can be used inside a class room, etc.

  3. Depending on the various skills of the participants, we should decide who could help to do what concerning the previous two lists. For instance, who would like to take one day off and present TeXmacs at the « journées de l'APMEP »? Who would like to write a short introduction to TeXmacs and get it published in a widely read journal?

  4. If you know of someone else who could help on a particular point, then please try to convince him or her to do so: if every participant to this task could find at least one other interested person, then that would be great!

  5. A short list with the most prioritary issues which still have to be improved inside TeXmacs has to be made. This list should be consensual among the various participants to this task: the main developers of TeXmacs will be able to put some effort into making things better, but we will have to focus on the most important things.

2.Current task leader

Marc Lalaude-Labayle.

3.Other participants


Vincent has a large number of ideas on this topic (in French).