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Darcy Shen
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Darcy Shen is a Scala programmer living in Hangzhou. He started to translate the TeXmacs documents into Chinese in 2013 and began his TeXmacs hacking since then.

He is an active member of the Douban TeXmacs group for Chinese users. He is also the maintainer of the TeXmacs group on Github and hopes that the Github Pull Request workflow brings more and more contributors.


CMake Build System

Adopt the CMake Build System for better IDE integration and maintainbility.

CJK Improvements

Git Plugin

see tigmacs. And it will be integrated into TeXmacs later.

Scala Plugin

see TeXmacs.scala. Full-featured Scala REPL Session based on Ammonite REPL.

Esperanto Support

Esperanto users can use Tab to type special characters quickly.

2.Ideal TeXmacs

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