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TeXmacs inside GNU/Linux distributions
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The following GNU/Linux distributions provide packages or third-part packages for TeXmacs:

Please report any other distributions with sufficiently up-to-date TeXmacs packages to us. The up-to-date list of distributions with TeXmacs is maintained by Andrey Grozin.


The portage tree of Gentoo usually contains an outdated version of TeXmacs. An up-to-date version can be found in the Gentoo science overlay.

First time installation:

  1. emerge layman

  2. layman -a science

  3. Add the line: source /usr/portage/local/layman/make.conf to your /etc/make.conf

  4. emerge layman

  5. Add the line: app-office/texmacs ~x86 to your /etc/portage/packages.keywords (of course, assuming your computer is x86)

  6. emerge texmacs

Updating TeXmacs

  1. layman -s science

  2. emerge texmacs

Open Suse

Recent versions of OpenSUSE contain rather up-to-date TeXmacs. Just use yast to install it.


Ubuntu is based on Debian "unstable", and therefore contains TeXmacs. You can (probably) install an up-to-date TeXmacs from Debian "experimental".

This webpage is part of GNU TeXmacs and the larger GNU project. Verbatim copying and distribution of it is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. For more information or questions, please contact Joris van der Hoeven.

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