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The Guile/Scheme extension language
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Guile/Scheme is a full implementation of the object oriented and Lisp-like programming language Scheme. It has special support for linking external C or C++ programs. This provides a transparent way to dynamically extend the language with fast new routines. Guile/Scheme is intended to become the major extension language for the GNU project and Gnome.

In particular, all high-level TeXmacs editing routines have been interfaced to Guile. These routines thereby are available to users who can write extensions to the editor, without going into the C++ code of TeXmacs. In the future, we also wish to implement a port to Guile-gtk. This extension of Guile implements a graphical user interface via gtk, which makes it possible to create menus, iconbars, file selectors, etc. in a very simple way.

More information about Guile can be found at

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