The CVS archive for TeXmacs

TeXmacs is currently being developed using CVS (Concurrent Version Control). This allows you to

Downloading the CVS version of TeXmacs

In order to download the current CVS version of TeXmacs, you should set

    export CVS_RSH=ssh

For read-only access, you should use anonymous for the_username. Now log in using

    cvs login

and checkout the source code using

    cvs co src

You may also checkout the documentation and the external plug-ins using

    cvs co doc
    cvs co plugins

Notice that the CVS version of TeXmacs does not contain any of the Type 1 fonts which are necessary to run the program. In the case when you use this version, it is therefore necessary to install the complete extra fonts package.

Committing changes by CVS

In order to commit changes by CVS, you first need an account on This is done as follows:

  1. Choose a username and a password.

  2. Encrypt your password by typing the following line in a shell:

        perl -e 'print crypt ("password","SAlt"), "\n"'
  3. If key is the encrypted password returned at step 2, then send us an email with the line


Alternatively, you may create the line username:key using the web-interface at

Please also tell us what kind of changes you plan to make, so that we can give you write-permissions to the appropriate parts of the CVS-tree. Notice that for contributions to the TeXmacs source code we usually prefer patches. On the other hand, we recommend the use of CVS for the contribution of documentation and plug-ins.

For users with a CVS account, we highly prefer you to use crypted access using ccvssh. Besides installing ccvssh, if necessary, this requires you to set

    export CVS_RSH=ccvssh